Hi, I'm

I find inspiration in understanding the everyday needs, struggles and stories of living
as a community in the 21st century. My work exhibits design 
thinking with the
lens of data-driven socio-technical 
problem-solving to facilitate positive 
change in society.


I find inspiration from my everyday experiences, even while, I am wandering, meditating or sipping tea. My design approach is to find a mediation between my user’s needs, the problem, and the technological developments within the business context. I strive to use my passionate, imaginative and critical mind towards work that enables change. I do this by analysing the drawbacks and benefits within the systems practiced by our societies, to achieve a usable and efficient result.

Plural Navigation

Redesigning the current principles of navigation platforms/maps such that they are sensitive to the user’s intent and experience while navigating through a route to reach their desired destination.

GreenBox Algorithms

Designing novel ways to motivate responsible investing behaviour by creating an experimental stock indicator

Bottle Opener

How might we bring about uniformly distributed traffic flow, without altering urban infrastructure learning from drivers' behavior patterns?

Formalizing Whatsapp

A micro-interaction level intervention to recontextualize whatsapp for formal communication.

IVRS for Remote Learning

IVRS for Remote Education Bridging experiences for the marginalised through Inclusive Design. Process


A universal career discovery and assessment platform for persons with disabilities (PWDs)

India Biodiversity Portal

Redesigning the 40,000 members run India Biodiversity Portal to enable easy navigation, intuitive interactions and a crisp structure for the loads of information that the portal possesses.