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Sensorium AI

Opportunity areas for experimental voice augmentation for artist with CP.

To establish opportunity areas, for building, expressive voice interface and augmentation experiences, adapted to neurodivergent and cerebral palsy conditions.

Role: Accessibility Researcher
Advisors : Lauren Race, Luke DeBuois
Team: Spandita Sarmah, Michael Coney

Research Methodology

My Counting Book is a product that aims to teach counting numbers to k-3 kids with visually impairements with the use of tactile engagement and audio feedback.

The evaluation of this product was conducted through an initial contextual inquiry into the field at the Sri Rakkum School for the Blind, Jakkur. A general understanding and interaction with the user lead to identifying the criteria of evaluation. This generated an evaluation protocol that was measured against naturalistic observations of a user testing walkthrough conducted at two different locations. Heuristic evaluations of the product from various perspectives were carried out. The evaluation was concluded with iterations and a prototype for the areas of development that have been identified.


Competitive Analysis