Assistive Tech Band to ease
Heart Rate using Biofeedback

When one is anxious and the heart rate is over 90-95 the blood runs away from the skin’s surface. They start feeling tingly and feel numbness in their hands. One way a close one helps is by squeezing the hand slowly and periodically. HapticAid is a tool that mimics this, using haptic vibrations for independent anxiety/panic management.

The diagram shows two product sketches of the HapticAid Band which has a haptic driver, haptic motor, heart rate sensor, a display showing the heart rate and an on/off button
Product sketch of the HapticAid Band

It uses a haptic driver, a haptic motor, and a pulse sensor. When the pulse sensed raises beyond 90-95, the haptic motor vibrates at the rate of a normal heartbeat i.e. 75 beats per second on average.

Tech explored and used in the process

1. Arduino
2. Haptic Driver (DRV 2605L) I2C through serial port
3. Haptic Motors
4. Blood Oxygen Heart Rate Sensor (MAX30102) I2C through serial port
5. Button