Designing the Vulun Grip with LevelTheCurve

The name ‘Vulcan’ is derived from Roman mythology, where he is recognized as the god of fire and metalworking. Notably, Vulcan holds the unique distinction of being the only disabled god in this mythology.

The Vulcan grip is a ‘grip assistant aid’, a type of assistive technology that assists users with wrist mobility issues and low fine motor skills to grip ADL(activities of daily living) items and devices, making tasks such as holding a toothbrush, comb, hammer, etc. less difficult.

Community Partner: LeveltheCurve
Team: Stefan, David, Soumya
Designer and prototype: Apoorva


1. How do you design snap-fit joints for 3D printing?
2. Wrist Plane of Motion and Range During Daily Activities
3. 2007 IFSSH Committee Report of Wrist Biomechanics Committee: Biomechanics of the So-Called Dart-4. Throwing Motion of the Wrist
4. Range of Motion Requirements for Upper-Limb Activities of Daily Living